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  • 3 Mistakes I See EI Providers Make (and what to do instead)

    Hi SLP friends! Today I want to talk about 3 mistakes that I see EI providers make. Now I’ve done early intervention either part time or full time...
  • 3 Ways To Become A Better CF Supervisor

    Hi SLP friends! Today I wanted to chat about 3 ways to become a better CF supervisor. Now if you are a CF listening or you think one day you might ...
  • Celebrating Birthdays in Speech

    Hi SLP friends! Let’s talk about celebrating birthdays in speech. I LOVE celebrating birthdays in speech. I always know when their birthdays are an...
  • Why You Can’t Stop Evaluating your Speech Therapy Clients

    Hi SLP friends! I want to chat about why you need to continuously evaluate your clients. And no, I’m not talking about standardized tests. But befo...
  • Hey SLP, Get Outside and PLAY!

    Let's talk about how you can move therapy outside and play to increase speech and language. Read my top tips and favorite activities to engage and grow!
  • How To Carryover Early Intervention Strategies In The Home

    In Early Intervention, we often have the benefit of seeing the child in their own, natural environment. We can assess the hurdles they may have to overcome in their homes and we see the areas where we can educate the parent or caregiver. But how can we make sure the therapy techniques we model and educate on are being transferred over on a daily basis?
  • How To Get Carryover of Social Language Skills In The Home

    We’re talking all about generalization and carryover of our client’s goals into their home for the next few weeks, so I KNEW we had to discuss this...
  • Building Verbal Imitation Skills

    Now that you’ve educated the parents, coached them through strategies, and their child is demonstrating the Pre-Linguistic Skills we addressed in our first two blogs, we can start building on those skills! But where to begin? Think back on how you observe children acquiring language. Does a 1 year old spontaneously go from never making any verbalizations to suddenly responding to verbal routines or saying “hello” and “mama”? Not typically. All of those small little coos and giggles eventually manifest as whole, recognizable words over time and with the right encouragement.

  • Pre-Linguistic Skills: The Foundation of Language

    Pre-linguistic skills are the underrated (and often forgotten!) foundation that allows children to build language, and they must be thoroughly developed. In my last post, I listed them out for you, but let’s look at them further!
  • What To Do When Parents Ask, 'When Will My Child Talk?'

    Now that you have a fresh caseload with eager parents and children waiting for your expertise, the only thing that could bring you down is a parent coming into a session after a few weeks of therapy and asking, “So when exactly will my child begin to actually talk?”. While disappointing to hear, often we forget to educate parents on a crucial part of early intervention therapy: pre-linguistic skills!

  • 3 Ways An SLP Can Support Students Struggling With Sight Words

    SLPs are often asked to support students struggling with sight words. Read my three tips in this blog post.
  • 5 Tips to Increase Sustained Attention

    Read my 5 top tips on increasing sustained attention in your speech therapy sessions.