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  • Pre-Linguistic Skills: The Foundation of Language

    Pre-linguistic skills are the underrated (and often forgotten!) foundation that allows children to build language, and they must be thoroughly developed. In my last post, I listed them out for you, but let’s look at them further!
  • What To Do When Parents Ask, 'When Will My Child Talk?'

    Now that you have a fresh caseload with eager parents and children waiting for your expertise, the only thing that could bring you down is a parent coming into a session after a few weeks of therapy and asking, “So when exactly will my child begin to actually talk?”. While disappointing to hear, often we forget to educate parents on a crucial part of early intervention therapy: pre-linguistic skills!

  • 3 Ways An SLP Can Support Students Struggling With Sight Words

    SLPs are often asked to support students struggling with sight words. Read my three tips in this blog post.
  • Spatial Concepts: Using What You Have

    I don't know about you but it seems like everyone on my caseload needs help in the spatial concepts department. It used to daunt me that 'oh my go...
  • AAC: A Quick Guide

    October is AAC awareness month! The goal of this month is to raise awareness of AAC and to inform the public of the many different ways people com...