No Print Valentine's Day Apraxia

No Print Valentine's Day Apraxia

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 No paper, no prep! This resource includes a FUN, Valentine's Day interactive game for your students with apraxia. This is a clickable, interactive PDF you can use on your computer or iPad.

This resource targets the following syllable structures:
  • CVCV
  • CV
  • VC
  • VCV
  • CVC
  • CV1CV2
  • C1V1C2V2

Each targeted syllable structure includes one Valentines game board with 10 targets.

You can use on a computer or iPad; it is a clickable resource. Simply click on the target you would like to practice and work your way through the interactive game. For detailed instructions, visit the directions page in the PDF file after purchasing.

As always, please contact me with any questions at

Thank you so much!
Erin Larsen

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