Speech Therapy Visuals: Digital and Print

Speech Therapy Visuals: Digital and Print

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Looking for handy visuals for ALLL the things? We have you covered! Includes visuals for language, pragmatic language, grammar, articulation, phonological processes, phonological awareness, and grammar. Print and laminate or use the no print version that's included!


This tool includes 108 visuals in 2 forms: print version and digital version!



  • sound level with VPM description and visuals.
  • syllable webs with placement pictures
  • ALL sounds included!


Phonological Processes

  • minimal pair analogy visuals
  • processes included: final consonant deletion, consonant cluster reduction, fronting/backing, gliding (3 pairs), stopping, and voicing/devoicing.



  • WH questions, size, spatial concepts, synonyms, antonyms, homonyms, homophones, personal pronouns, possessive pronouns, emotions, following directions, inferencing, predicting, multiple meanings, compare/contrast, verb tenses, problem solving, main idea, story retell, describing, prefix, suffix, context clues, and sequencing.



  • *note: these are included in pragmatic language visuals resource
  • personal space, non-verbal cues, eye contact, facial expressions, greetings/farewells, starting a conversation, topic maintenance, sharing a conversation, asking questions, speech adaptation, problem solving, and perspective taking.



  • blank version, syllable count, initial phoneme addition, final phoneme addition, initial phoneme deletion, and final phoneme deletion.



  • speech machine, tips for smooth speech, smooth/bumpy, fluency shaping, and stuttering modification.

As always, please contact me with any questions at erin@speechtea.com.


Thank you so much!

Erin Larsen



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