Summer Speech Therapy Drill Cards

Summer Speech Therapy Drill Cards

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 Keep these handy, Summer-themed cards ready to go to target a variety of speech and language skills. Includes interactive pages, lists for the SLP, and visuals. Perfect to laminate and put on a ring for grab and go use for the busy SLP!

 Language Concepts Included: 

  • vocabulary
  • size
  • same/different
  • associations
  • categories
  • plurals/irregular plurals
  • object function
  • pronouns (he/she/they)
  • action verbs
  • synonyms
  • antonyms
  • Wh- questions (what, where, why)
  • yes/no questions
  • 1- and 2-step directions
  • data cards

**Also included are 4 visual cards for: size, spatial concepts, synonyms, synonyms, antonyms, same/different, and WH- questions.


Articulation Sounds Included: p, b, t, d, s, z, k, g, r, l, j, ch, sh, s blends, r blends, l blends, CVC, 2-syllable, and 3-syllable words (10 themed words per sound covering all positions of words, blends include 20 target words. Note: these are word lists, not pictorial representations.)


Phonological Processes Included: final consonant deletion, weak syllable deletion, consonant cluster reduction (s, r, l), stopping, fronting, backing, and gliding (10 themed target words per phonological process. Note: these are word lists, not pictorial representations.).


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Thank you so much!

Erin Larsen


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