Phonological Processes Word Lists

Phonological Processes Word Lists

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MUST-HAVE SLP Resource to save you TIME and ENERGY. These no prep word lists for phonological processes include 100-words for each process. Perfect to have on hand during therapy or to send home to parents!

Phonological Processes Included:
  • final consonant deletion
  • weak syllable deletion
  • consonant cluster reduction (s, r, l)
  • gliding
  • fronting
  • stopping
  • backing
  • vowelization
  • affrication
  • deaffrication
  • alvelorization
  • depalatization
  • labialization
  • assimilation
  • denasalization
  • final consonant devoicing
  • prevocalic voicing
  • initial consonant deletion
  • epenthesis

Each list includes:
  • Description of phonological process
  • Example of phonological process
  • Approximate age phonological process is eliminated
  • 100 words per phonological process

1) Laminated on a binder ring
2) Binder
3) Digitally with an iPad/computer.

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Thank you so much!
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