Why I Send Speech Therapy Homework Home

Speech therapy homework.

This can be a big debate. On one hand, we can argue that kids get enough homework as it is and they need to go home and play outside. On the other hand, we know we need to drive these concepts as frequently and as intensely as we can...but our schedules/time/insurance/caseloads just doesn't allow for that. That being said..

This is why I DO send home speech therapy homework:

  1. Parents have asked me for it.
  2. It keeps parents informed about what's going on in speech.
  3. It gets parents involved in the process.
  4. We are with their child ___ minutes once or twice a week while parents are with them multiple hours each day.
  5. Parents can give us insight on what they struggle with in environments outside of the speech room.
  6. It opens up communication between us and the parents and allows for a more team approach.

So for me, I do homework BUT I don't want to send home homework that is a piece of a paper and say, "Here's his homework. He needs to say these words 5x/day (because that's A) boring and no fun and B) they most likely won't do it.). Instead, I've found a few ways to make speech homework FUNctional.

FUNctional Homework Ideas

  1. Crafts- I'm obsessed with seasonal/holiday crafts (and so are the kids). These stuffer crafts are made in the speech room and then I send them home with all the pieces to keep practicing! They have fun doing them in speech and then have fun showing their parents and playing with them at home.Picture of back to school articulation craft..
  2. One page homework sheets-I designed these to last an entire week! An entire week of coloring that is on one page! There are seasonal/holiday homework sheets with scenes to color and year-round homework sheets that are easily completed while eliciting multiple trials.Picture of spring apraxia homework color sheets.Picture of articulation homework color sheets targeting "L."
  3. Homework mini-books- These were designed to specifically hold parents/students accountable. These mini-bookshave a section where the students color each day they practice (Mon-Sun) and the parents have a signature page as well as a page where they can note which sounds/concepts the students need additional support.

Picture of plurals homework mini-books.


There are so many quick and easy ways to send homework home that keeps speech FUN. Do you send homework home?


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