Using Winter Crafts in Speech Therapy

Winter crafts can be a valuable tool in speech therapy, offering a hands-on and engaging approach to address various speech and language goals. These interactive activities are particularly beneficial for mixed groups, where students with different needs can participate together. This makes it easier for the SLP too...less planning! 

By incorporating winter crafts into speech therapy sessions, therapists can create a dynamic learning environment that promotes active participation and enhances communication skills. Whether it's creating snowflakes, building snowmen, or using these fun stuffer crafts, these activities provide opportunities for students to practice articulation, language development, and social skills.

One of the advantages of using winter crafts in speech therapy is the versatility they offer. Therapists can tailor the crafts to target specific speech sounds or language concepts, making them an effective tool for individualized treatment plans. Additionally, these activities can be assigned as homework and carryover of skills that require little to no preparation on the part of the therapist or parents.

The use of winter crafts not only adds an element of fun to therapy sessions but also allows students to apply their newly acquired skills in a practical and creative way. By integrating these hands-on activities into their practice, speech therapists can create a stimulating environment that fosters growth and progress in their students' communication abilities.

How to get numerous trials:

Practice the target when you color, cut, and stuff. By practicing the target during every step of the craft, you naturally increase the number of trials during a session.


Easy and FUN, right??

Happy speeching!


P.S. Check out this fun and easy peguin stuffer craft HERE.

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