Using Sensory Toys to Develop Language

Sensory toys are perfect when we need to grab a child's attention and get them to react and respond to something. When thinking about sensory toys, think about some of our senses: SEE, HEAR, TOUCH and TASTE. What kind of objects will awaken those senses allow better attention to the object? Some of my favorites include:

Light-up toys (balls, spinners)

Textured Balls

Unbreakable Mirror


Musical Instruments

Rain Stick

Shakers (you can DIY these)

Touchy-Feely Books

As you use these toys, jot down how the child is responding to each of them and see if you notice a pattern. The more responsive to objects a child is, the closer we are to climbing the steps of communication. Don't forget the importance of carryover at home. Help a parent find toys/objects around the house that will engage the child's different senses. Do you have any favorite go-tos? Let me know in the comments!


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