Using Real Pictures in Speech Therapy

If you're ever short on planning time (never, right? 😅), real pictures are the way to go! There isn't a goal that can't be targeted when using real pictures. 

When I say 'real pictures,' I mean pictures of actual people, actual events, no clipart or cartoons. Real pictures are more relatable and more recognizable to students. They spark great conversation!

How to use:

Create a folder on your computer or device and start filling it up. Look for pictures for seasons, holidays, actions, emotions, etc. Then, whenever you need a quick therapy tool, you have a folder ready to go!

Where to find real pictures:

Google-A quick google search on the images tab yields a ton of real pictures. 

Personal photos-If this is allowed where you work or you feel comfortable, use the photos on your phone. Show pictures of your pets or a vacation. This will definitely spark great conversation!

Specific tools- When creating pragmatic language resources, I specifically look for real pictures that depict the goal I'm targeting (i.e. problem solving, asking questions, conversation skills, etc.). You can find hundreds of real pictures in my no print pragmatic language tool.


Do you use real pictures in your speech therapy sessions? Let me know in the comments!


Happy Speeching!


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