Tis the Season of Back to Work:  Ideas for Your First Week Back in January

Now that Christmas is over, it's time to think about back to work therapy ideas for January. Odds are, your kiddos are going to still be stuck on Christmas and want to tell you all about it. Here are a few ideas to incorporate their Christmas (and your Christmas leftovers) into your therapy room.

Christmas discussions:

  • Sequencing- Have them sequence their Christmas break. This can be done written or verbally. You can work on organizational skills in both conversation and written.
  • Thank you notes- Write thank you notes to gift givers to practice written language skills (organization, sentence structure, word structure, etc.).

Christmas leftovers:

  • Gift bags- Fill the bag with random objects. Have the client pull the objects out one at a time and talk about them using descriptor terms. You can also have the client guess what you are going to pull out by describing the object to them.
  • Tissue paper- Tear into small pieces and use for sensory bins. Different colored paper could work for other holidays as well.
  • Lotion- Smear on plate, desk, or other surface to practice spelling/sight words.
  • Candles- A sensory experience. Describe the smell, colors, etc.

Good luck and have a great week back! Happy Speeching! :)

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