Three Activities to Target Flexible Thinking

Flexible thinking refers to the ability to think about something in a new way. This allows us to problem solve, understand other people's perspective, and maintain friendships. 

But how do we target this in a fun, engaging way?

Here are three activity ideas:
  1. Board Games- Change a rule or two of a commonly played game and play it a new way.
  2. Jokes- Write, read, and/or tell jokes. Jokes often use words in a silly way, which requires flexible thinking practice.
  3. Inventor- Pretend you are inventors. Use household objects or items in your therapy room and invent a new way to use it. 


What activities do you like to do to target flexible thinking? Let me know in the comments! 

Happy Speeching!


P.S. Need more flexible thinking activities and practice, check out my perspective taking: teach and practice unit.

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