Spatial Concepts: Using What You Have

I don't know about you but it seems like everyone on my caseload needs help in the spatial concepts department. It used to daunt me that 'oh my gosh, I have no materials to use to target this. Well, silly me, because you can use literally ANYTHING that you already have in your speech room. I'm even talking pencils, tape, water bottle...


Grab four objects. I'll use a ball, dice, pen, and tape as examples. Then, manipulate the objects around each other.

  • Put the dice next to the pen.
  • Put the tape under the ball.
  • Put the pen between the dice and tape.
  • Put the ball beside the dice.

I also like to have them tell me where to place the objects. This way they are practicing spatial concepts expressively, as well as receptively.

For the parents:

Instead of sending home worksheets for homework (although you can do this sometimes too), I like to show parents how to practice it at home and how they can use household objects. I also explain how routines are the perfect time to work on spatial concepts (meal time, bath time, bed time, etc.).

Side note: Did you scoop up any inflatables from the Target Dollar Spot? I grabbed the inflatable dice and shark and used those this past week to target spatial concepts. It was a big hit and changed things up a bit. Inflatables seem to be VERY motivating!

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