Making Summer Speech Therapy Fun and Easy: Ocean-Themed Activities and Ideas for SLPs

Hi friends! 
Let's make Summer as easy (and fun!) as possible so you might just get a minute to relax 😎
What's probably the most common theme to do during summertime?
Ocean of course! 🌊🐬🐚
And for good reason!
Keep on reading to steal some of my ideas for incorporating an ocean theme into your Summer speech therapy sessions.
Ocean themed Picture Books:
I find reading a book helps give some context and background info for those kids that may need it. Plus you can incorporate WH-Questions, Sequencing, and much more! 
Some of my favorites are...
Super Simple Summer Extension Activities:  
Drill Cards as a Board Game:
Using my Summer Drill Cards stimulus cards, play Four in a Row or Tic-Tac-Toe with small tokens, alternating saying the words on the cards between you and your client. These are a prep-once and use forever type of resource making them PERFECT to use during the busy summer months! 
Guess Who:
Take turns describing a picture on the drill card page and try to guess it! This is great at targeting descriptive vocabulary and taking turns too but can also be used during articulation/phonological process therapy! 
Make Paper Plate Ocean Animals:
Paper plates are the unsung heroes of speech therapy crafting. So cheap and so versatile! Fold them in half and use dot markers (another way to get repetitions in!) or colors to make a shark or a jellyfish. Attach eyes and paper strips to create the jellyfish tail or paste some teeth on your shark!
Sensory Bins
Below is a picture of my absolute fave water beads! They are beautiful colors, high quality, and (bonus) come with a ton of ocean animal figurines! I love to buy mine from amazon and pop them into a container with a lid to carry with me to my summer sessions. 
ocean water beads
Ready to celebrate summer with a fun, Ocean themed session? Use these ideas and tag me in a picture (@speech.tea) over on Instagram if you any of these ideas! I'd love to see!
Happy speeching, 
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