Limiting Visual Distractions In Your Speech Room

What’s going on in your room? Toys everywhere? Pictures on the walls? Computers, TVs, other cool stuff to look at and want to touch? It’s totally normal to get distracted by what goes on around us. You and I do that. So what can we do for our students that are very easily visually distracted?

I'm always reminded about draft horses using blinders, but I think that would be frowned upon on our students. Here's some ideas instead:

  • Tunnel- I love love love tunnels and they are so versatile. Not only can we use them for fun obstacle courses and giving our students some movement, but we can also use them to block out what’s going on around us. Have the child lay in the tunnel and you on the other end. Bring your materials into the tunnel where the material will be their focus.
  • Tent- Tents are perfect if you need to block out outside distractions. It also helps keep a student in their 'spot' if they tend to get up and leave activities. Position yourself right outside the tent and have the student in the tent. Bring your materials into the tent and work on activities between you.

Using a tunnel or tent to limit visual distractions will also help improve joint attention, cooperative play, and other early language skills. 

What else would you add to this list? Let me know in the comments! 


Happy Speeching!


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