Go-To Target Lists for Speech Therapy

Raise your hand if you have trouble thinking of targets off the top of your head? Yup. Me too. I'll never forget my first graduate internship when my clinical supervisor threw me into a session in front of her and the parent and said, "You're up. Work on "ch" in the initial and final position of words." My mind went BLANK. She helped me get started and the session ended up fine but I vowed from that day forward to be prepared. I immediately made lists for myself for all of my clients that way I wouldn't be in that situation again.That’s why when I started my Teachers Pay Teachers store, I knew that that was going to be a big part of my store.

Lists, lists, lists, and more lists.

I created:

These are my GO-TO resources in my speech room so that I'm always prepared.

How I use them

Now, I have a thing with tangible tools so I do have them printed out. However; when I'm traveling or when I don't have it readily available, I pull up these lists on my iPad.Now, there are free tools out there. But I was tired of googling each session and having the same 10 words to use. My lists have 100 words, 50 sentences, and so much more so that you'll never be looking for another list again. Want to get /s/ words, sentences, and stories for free? Grab them HERE.

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