5 FUN Low-Prep Sight Word Activities

I have quite a few older kiddos on my caseload who work on sight words and they tell me over and over how boring and no fun sight words are. Trust me kid, I get it. SO I try and mix up table time/flashcards with some fun sight word activities. Here are some of my go-to activities that have been an overall hit:

  1. Sensory Bin- If you already incorporate sensory bins into your sessions, this is an easy and low-prep activity to do. Hide the target words in the sensory bin and have your client read the words as they find them.
  2. Shaving Cream on Mirror-Spray and wipe shaving cream on a mirror and then practice reading/spelling words. Fun and messy!
  3. Obstacle Course-I'm lucky enough to have access to a sensory gym that occupational therapists use. We love to make obstacle courses and place words along the way. Highly motivating! Even if you don't have a gym, you can make a path around your room or building with words.
  4. Flashlight Hide-and-Seek- Place words around your room. Turn off lights and have client read words as he/she finds them with the flashlight!
  5. Memory-Using two sets of flashcards, place them face down and play the game, memory. The client will have many opportunities to practice all words as they find the matches.

Also, I always always always encourage parents to really work on this skill at home.  We know that most sight words you cannot learn by sounding them out, but by recognizing them. Therefore, it is SO important that our kiddos who struggle with this see them over and over and over again each day in order to master this skill. There are plenty of websites to get flashcards from.  I also like to send home these homework sheets. As always, happy speeching! :)

How do you like to incorporate sight words into your speech activities?

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