3 Reasons to Use Digital Resources as Tools in Your Speech Therapy Sessions

SLPs around the world had to adjust to the digital world when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Now you're back in person and you have all of these digital materials. Guess what? You can still be digital, in person! 

Stay with me here... I'm not talking about all the apps to replace therapy. I'm talking about using digital resources as TOOLS in your speech therapy sessions to help YOU as a busy SLP.

Here are 3 reasons to stay digital:

1. Save TIME

  • Time is precious to us. I don't want to have to go digging through papers to find a word list for medial /s/ or look for a data sheet from 6 months ago that I randomly stuck somewhere when I was in a rush.
2. Save paper (and therapy space)
  • Do you have a paper limit where you work? A lot of people do! I fortunately did not but I also did not want 324 binders with 382592 papers filling up my shelves. Going digital means that a lot of those papers can be eliminated.
3. Ready-to-go tools
  • Sometimes therapy doesn't go as planned or we decide in the middle to change things up. Maybe you decide you want to get some quick data. Rather than have to then go find the papers for that; therefore, interrupting therapy, all your tools are ready at the click of a button!


How do I go digital in my speech room? I use these tools:

  • Articulation Targets (words, sentences, and stories): I pair these with toys and activities so that I'm not having to think off the top of my head.
  • Progress Monitoring Tools: I use these when I need quick and easy data. This tool comes with editable PDF data pages to easily store on your computer. (articulation,
  • Seasonal Scenes and Real Pictures: I use these when working on language goals. I have an album where I store these. Pixabay is a good site to grab photos from.

The idea is not to have materials to replace therapy, but to aid in making therapy effective.

Do you have any other digital resources you use in speech therapy? Let me know in the comments!


Grab a free progress monitoring tool freebie, HERE

If you want more information about how I progress monitor digitally, read this blog post.


Happy Speeching!


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